Choosing and registering a great domain name is one of the first steps towards building a successful internet presence. That’s why choosing a good reliable domain registrar and domain host is so important. To help you develop your presence online, we’ve compiled our top 10 picks for the best domain registrars below.

Using website directories is a great method for building links back to your website. This can provide you with a lot more exposure on the internet. It also helps your search engine optimization (SEO). The more links the better, and using website directories is one of the most cost effective methods of online marketing. However, knowing where to submit your website can be a challenge.

Title tag which is used to give title of the page. May of the web developers does’nt provide the title relevant to the website or website content. Which also result in BAD Online Reputation of the website.

This tag is having more importance to the search engine as well as the User.

Since every page of your site may have different content, you need to use unique and relevant title for each page in your website. <TITLE> tag should be placed inside <HEAD> tag in your webpage’s HTML.

Quality content is the most important thing. For each topic there are lot of search result and lot of website having the content related to that topic. But the Quality and unique content make your website get better ranking in Search result. If the content is unique then your website will stand.

SEO friendly Url

The name and structure of an URL decides the search ranking of the site in search engine results page. If the search engine can decide the relation between the URL and content in the page then your site will appear top in the search.

By providing the SEO friendly URL we make search engine read then correlate them easily. The descriptive url easily convey a purpose to the web as well as the visitors. Extremely long and confusing url with few unrelated word, character are more confusing for search engines. As shown in the below Picture